Let's kick big money out of politics together


As ordinary citizens, we get to vote in elections, lobby our representatives and take part in campaigns, why should the wealthy elite have more of a say than the rest of us?


We can’t buy ourselves a Lords seat, get dinner with Theresa May or change a policy in return for bankrolling election campaigns.

Whether it’s rich donors using their cash to influence politicians, or corporations buying access to ministers to get their preferred policies through, The corrupting influence of big money in politics is obvious to everyone.

It’s time to kick the millionaires out of our government and build a real democracy where all our voices are heard equally. .


If you want to change the way we do politics, join Unlock Democracy

We stand for an open, fair, inclusive politics and accountable government, and that begins with you.

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Background image credit: Rohln Francis (CC BY 2.0)