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What is the Withdrawal Bill?

MPs need to copy and paste EU law into UK law to avoid legal chaos on Brexit day. But the Withdrawal Bill does more than this, it gives a small group of ministers the power to make radical changes.

If passed, the bill gives ministers delegated powers, a type of law making designed for non-political administrative changes, to change important areas of law without a vote in Parliament.

What can the House of Lords do?

Before the bill becomes law, it has to go through the House of Lords. Peers can remove these new powers for ministers, leaving what's needed to ‘do the admin’ of delivering Brexit.

If this happens, it will once again be Parliament, not a handful of ministers making crucial decisions. For example, whether we have to eat chlorinated chicken or bathe in dirty sea water. And shady interests looking to gain will find 650 MPs harder to convince than a few ministers behind closed doors

Sign our open letter

Theresa May and her ministers are trying to grab almost unprecedented powers away from MPs after Brexit. The EU Withdrawal Bill is a blank cheque to change our workers’ rights, food safety, and environmental standards. MPs will be little more than spectators. This is a fundamental threat to our democracy.

But now peers have the chance to stop the power grab in its tracks.

Sign our open letter calling on peers to amend the Withdrawal Bill and stand up for democracy.

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We believe Parliament, not a handful of ministers should have the power to fundamentally change our laws. We call on peers to stand up for democracy by amending the EU Withdrawal Bill to stop the government’s power grab.

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